Our Classroom

Using hands-on materials known as 'works,' children at Morgantown Montessori develop learning techniques that are unique to them, building Using hands-on materials known as 'works' confidence, concentration, and a love of learning. Children choose their own materials, clean up after themselves, and learn to function in a community of peers.

The classroom has five centers. Each center focuses on a particular area of learning.

Practical Life ‒ Children practice everyday tasks, such as buttoning and tying clothes, and pouring liquids, that help develop fine motor skills.

Sensory ‒ Specialized materials stimulate all five senses, broadening children's experience and allowing them to develop their own learning styles.

Language ‒ Beginning with hearing, feeling, and eventually recognizing letters, children build the knowledge and confidence for reading and writing.

Math ‒ Using hands-on and visual materials, children begin by recognizing numbers and then build to addition and subtraction.

Geography ‒ Children have maps of the world at their fingertips, and supplementary materials immerse them as much as possible in various cultures.

Our bright, airy and secure classroom is located on the lower level of historic Seneca Center, next to the Caperton river bicycle trail.


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