Staff and Advisors

Erin K. Harbert

Erin K. Harbert is Directress of Morgantown Montessori. Ms. Harbert graduated from West Virginia University. She founded Morgantown Montessori in 2012. She has served as a teaching aide at a Montessori preschool; she has developed and conducted swimming programs for preschool children; and she is certified in first aid and CPR by the American Red Cross.

Morgan I. Harbert is principal teaching aide. She graduated from a Montessori school and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and is a mother of two.

Other teaching aides are being interviewed from West Virginia University graduates or students with training and/or experience in elementary education. We expect to hire one or two teaching aides, depending on enrollment.


Wendell G. Hardway, PhD ‒ Former President, Fairmont State University.
Former President, Bluefield State College. Former Chairman, Division of Education and Psychology, Glenville State College.

Leslie Krumme ‒ Specialist in early childhood education and former preschool and primary school teacher in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Charles Green ‒ OSHA Safety and Health Compliance Officer for all non-mining safety and health-related programs in West Virginia.

Blair Ireland, PhD ‒ Financial consultant, founder of Binham Communications, former senior consultant at KPMG and Booz-Allen.


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